Safran Group


Safran Grup, founded on the basis of Bursa in 1999, works on the way from the past to the future and to be always beneficial to our country and our world.

Osman Karakaş, the founder of Safran Group, a family company, made our company work very quickly in the country with the vision and self-confidence that he got from the 26 year civil service. Osman, who transferred his company to his children in 2008, has always been with his children with his vast experience and contributions.

Currently, there are 4 branches and 8 franchising offices throughout the country, with 1 branch in London serving education, supervision, consultancy services, productivity studies, chemical and biological product supply and applications services, and almost every other sector that might come to mind.

The company's main vision was built on awareness, communication and confidence that the service century of the 21st century. Customer focus and productivity issues have also become a company that shapes the future when it is added to the vision.

Safran, which was entitled to receive quality certificates in 2009, started to prepare itself for the global arena. Having ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates for its own operations, Safran has started to provide training, consultancy and inspection services in all quality management systems including these quality systems.

All the country-wide work has been approached with the SWAY (Saffron Road) definition, which is its management strategy. Years of experience and new lectures by learning, dealers and subcontractors to share the information and experience sharing with them all the users, ie, the most user, vendor, service consultant, including the ideas of our friends Saffran itself and the system has been developed to develop.

Safran's goal is to open the UK office in the first half of 2018 and to make the biggest move in the world and become a model and pioneer of domestic investors.

Our company, which met with GreenGlobe in 2015, has developed its own resource planning with the concept of sustainability for the future and has started to provide national and international consultancy and supervision services.